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Easing Your Stress on the Job

How to Ease Your Stress on the Job

Stress. Just the very notion and sound of the word is awful and yet we are all faced with stress each and every day. More and more people seem to be stressed out on the job. So here are a few tips that might help you void yourself of that stress.

Do you remember that day, you were packing up and getting ready to go home and the phone rings. You look at the call display, it’s your boss and you answer it. As “Murphy’s Law” would have it, the boss needs you to prepare an urgent report right away. Stress. Now you are opening up your laptop just when you thought you were going home!

 These kind of examples are common in the workplace and we have all crossed that bridge at one time or another. So how do we combat this? What can you do to beat stress? Let’s have a look at some tips!

1. Start your day early For Stress Removal

Being late sucks. And it is a known fact that when you are late for work in the morning, your stress levels remain high throughout the day. So ensure you day starts well and arrive early!

2. Eat Right

You have probably heard this hundreds of times. But the truth is, it’s true! If you eat well and eat smaller quantities at regular intervals, many studies have shown this is better and healthy for you. What is your alternative? A heavy lunch with loads of grease? And as tasty as it sounds, this type of binge eating will simply make you feel lethargic and sleepy in the afternoon. Not a productive way to spend a few hours. So do your best to make healthy choices which will help you stay energetic and relieve your stress.

3. Stretch at Work

Yes I know you look awkward. But stretching will help your muscles relax and relieve tension. If you don’t want to do it at your desk, go to the lunch room or go outside for a brisk walk around the block. This is one of the best things to do especially if you have a desk or a sedentary type of job. Your body needs to move and be active and in turn this reduces stress.

4. Relax your eyes

Our eyes cannot cope with long hours of staring in to computer screens. After a while, you will start feeling tired and this in turn stresses your body out. So, it is always best to have some visual relaxation after regular intervals. Take a quick walk or look at a plant, or a painting, or a picture of your loved ones. Take a few moments and this gives your eyes some downtime.

5. Be Organized

Keep your desk neat and tidy my mother used to say. And this is so true! Being organized will help your stress levels dissipate. Think about it. How often do you feel your stress levels going up just because you are not able to locate an important file or CD on your desk or in your file drawer? By keeping your work organized, you can save yourself from unnecessary stress at work.

6. Move around

See point 3. If you keep sitting at one place, doing the same work for long periods of time, this in turns stresses your body and you will probably feel tired. Just walk around to the coffee room, water cooler, or to a colleague’s desk to unwind. These small breaks go a long way in keeping you fresh and help you in dealing with stress.

7. Listen to some soothing music

If possible, listen to some light instrumental or classical music at your workplace. Or pick up one of those “Conair” products that you can put on your desk and listen to various soothing relaxing sounds. Don’t crank it, just quietly at your desk next to your laptop is perfect! And it is a great way of managing stress at work.

Let’s all work towards a less stressful environment.

by Maurice Scott

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