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Mistakes can be a Key to Your Career Growth

Let’s face we all make mistakes. The perfectionist in all of us wants to ensure it is right. But reality is for us to grow and learn, we need to make those mistakes. What do mistakes tell us? They help facilitate self improvement, career advancement and the building blocks for growth.HR Squared - Opps

So lets look at 5 ways mistakes will you help you learn as you build your career:

1 . Mentors and Family can be your biggest instructors

“Failure is instructive. The person who really thinks, learns quite as much from his failures as from his successes.” Wrote Philosopher John Dewey.

The reality here is that it can be challenging to stepping back and releasing you mistake as an opportunity to learn. So wallow in self pity, then learn and move forward. Remember the wisdom comes from making this mistake and being able to progress. You cant change the past but what you have learned can change your future.

2. Avoid bigger mistakes

I remember as a young boy stepping on an exposed electrical wire from a fan we had in our basement as we had flooding that year in our home. That was the first time and last time I made that mistake. I wont touch electricity without the proper equipment even today.

Mistakes are common, we all do them. Some are painful physically and others can be painful to your wallet. But whatever the mistake, you take away these lessons that can help you avoid these in bigger ones in future. Otherwise what did you learn?

3. If it didn’t kill you…then it has made you stronger

My parents used to say this to me all the time. Maurice if it doesn’t kill you then it will only make you stronger.

Those are powerful words for any entrepreneur. We all have our shortcomings, however its how you leverage these vulnerabilities to your advantage. If you are late for a meeting because you left just a little later and got stuck in traffic and missed your window to make your proposal. Then this mistake will probably have cost you some business. But you know you wont make that mistake again and ensure that you lots of time, especially for client meetings. Or if you have made a lot of spelling errors in your proposal then you know you need to work on your writing skills.

So by taking note of these mistakes and understanding their root causes, and you are working to improve upon these, then these mistakes will make you stronger.

4. Take stock of your goals

When we make mistakes and fail, isn’t this a time to take stock of your goals and alter your path? Ok so this project didn’t work, so lets revisit this and take stock of my goals and clarify what is key to your success and what will be important to influence positive change. This is a great exercise to evaluate your goals and stimulate a healthy state of mind.

5. Mistakes keep you Honest and Humble

The two big H’s of any entrepreneur. You have to be honest and humble to yourself. Reflect on the mistake and where you being honest with yourself about this idea? How did this humbling effect help you get back on track?

Let’s face it, being honest and humble keeps our reality in check. If you have no setbacks in your life, you begin to think rules don’t apply to you and when that big mistake comes it can be devastating.

So as an entrepreneur don’t give yourself that sense of entitlement. Cause this will make you unpopular with investors, colleagues and co-workers.

Remember mistakes are a natural part of the entrepreneurial success. Mistakes help you re-evaluate. They keep you honest and humble and when they happen, it is a chance for you to re-evaluate your goals.

In essence, mistakes are the stepping-stones to your success.


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