HR Squared

Fayez Saadeh

Ottawa, Ontario

Fayez Saadeh has joined the HR Squared team as a Human Resources Talent Management Consultant, with more than 20 years of experience providing employment services to international Consulting Firms, including Arthur Andersen, Ernest & Young, KPMG and large retail organisations.

Fayez has an extensive experience identifying and recruiting employees at all levels, with the goal of helping companies build strong teams and reach corporate objectives. Flexible and highly adaptive team member who thrives on working with people of different backgrounds.

Fayez broad experience includes fostering collaborations and partnerships with private and public stakeholders to effect cultural change and achieve balanced work environments. He is committed to HR best practices for recruitment, workforce planning, providing and facilitating training programs and establishing comprehensive HR infrastructure policies and procedures.

Fayez has a degree from Yarmouk University in Jordan and is fluent in English and Arabic.